Easy Data Entry from Home with AI and GPT within Minutes

Have you ever thought of doing Data entry at Home with Artificial Intelligence? As the work load is increasing and with the increasing workload the competition is also reaching skies. With such an exponential increase in competition, to survive in the market the efficiency should also be increased.

But the question is how a person can achieve a task like Data Entry with GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and AI Tools. To find a solution for this task, Big tech Companies are constantly working on Language Models and Machine Learning Models.

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Today, by writing this article our sole motive is to help our readers to use tools like GPT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to decrease their workloads and enhance their productivity. Additionally, we are going to tell few trusted tools and websites that will make your job easy even if you are from a non-technical background.

What is Data Entry?

We have to take a moment to understand what data entry is and what it involves, before understanding how to do data entry with AI Tools. Information or data that serve some purpose are manually entered into a computer or database by the people. Mostly this information is in the form of text. Nowadays, every sector relies on information and data, to having a record is necessary for better results.

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Data Entry is the basic process of entering some data or information, whether it is relevant or not. Data are of various types, such as text, numbers, audio, video, images, or symbols. It is a process of entering the piece of information or record which helps in maintaining a track record.

These data entry tasks are done by everyone, whether they are working professionals or just a normal person. To keep a record in the form of data is data entry. This task is crucial for individuals, businesses, organizations, and various industries.

Before the era of digitalization, people kept these data in account books, ledgers, diaries, files, or on paper. As technology has advanced, we have shifted more to paperless work. We input these data on devices like laptops, PCs, Mobiles, or cloud-based servers.

Challenges of Manual Data Entry

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Traditional data entry methods eventually require manual typing and verification of data. Even thinking of such a task is so tiring and this task comes with a combo pack of errors. Such tasks involve resources and consume a lot of time especially when dealing with large volumes of data. This is a point where our heroes AI and GPT come to rescue.

1. Prone to Human Errors

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Manual Data Entry is prone to human mistakes. There are various mistakes like typos, data duplication, and transposition which happen while doing manual data entry. These small errors make the whole data unreliable and inaccurate.

2. Too much Time Consuming

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Entering data manually is often a time-consuming process. This becomes even more time-consuming when the data is in large volume. Such a task can result in delays in the updation of real-time data in the database.

3. Increase in Labor Cost

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With a manual entry of data, there will be requirement of people. And to speed up the process of data entry, you will need group of more people which will indeed increase the labor cost of whole Data entry process.

Why to use AI and GPT in Data Entry

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is embedment of human like intellect in machines that enables them to carry out operations that ordinarily call for human intelligence, such as comprehending natural language and making judgements. Modern AI model GPT, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” excels in comprehending and producing language that resembles that of humans.

1. Easy Data Extraction

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AI has expertise in finding, modifying and removing the data from a vast volume of sources, which can be further be turned into an information. The raw data and that information extracted can be used as an input for data analytics and various study purposes. Various applications help in this process such as Amazon, Textract, and Rosoka that you may use to extract data from a variety of documents. These documents can be any of the format such as PDFs, Text Files or even Images.

2. Quick Validation of Data

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With the use of AI, one can validate and clean the data quickly. As AI is intelligent enough to detect errors and inconsistency of the Data and this is definitely going to save your time. There are many such tools like Trifacta and OpenRefine which can clean your data by removing duplicity and make it easy to use for further steps.

3. Fast Summarization with NLP

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Data entry jobs are not tiring anymore just because of GPT and advancement in NLP(Natural Language Processing). GPT can be used to summarize long text descriptions and can create different reports on the basis of your data or information. The necessity for manual report authoring may be removed by using this to create documentation or reports from raw data.

4. Get Data Entry Automation

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Taking about the actual use of AI, AI automates the Data Entry task. People use to manually enter data which is a hectic task. With the use of AI one can increase the productivity, efficiency and correctness of Data entry. One can use AI- powered data entry tools to insert the data into the database, spreadsheets etc.

5. Enhanced Data Security

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Security should be the first priority while dealing with any kind of Data, as these Data are sensitive piece of information. AI has a quality of detecting any kind of breach at the real time. These feature of AI helps in protecting Data and prevent it from being leak.

Some AI Tools for Data Entry

By not taking your too much time let’s come to the essential part of this Topic. There are some tools one can use for the Data entry task. These tools are based AI (Artificial Intelligence) and will automate your whole data entry process.

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1. Google Cloud Vision

This is one of the powerful cloud based tool made by Google that has ability of extracting text from a large scale of data and can perform detailed analysis on the data. It can also perform image based analysis.

2. Microsoft Power Automate

This tool is a Microsoft product will allow its users to maintain the integrity in the entry process across various platforms such as Sharepoint and Excel which will help in automating the Workflow.

3. Zapier

To automate your entering of data you don’t need coding. Zapier is one of the tool which will automate this process for you. It has tendency to connect you with 30000 apps and enhance your workflow.

4. Intelligent Virtual Assistants

For the process of Data Entry you can also take help of AI based Tools like Alexa, Siri and Google assistance. These super bots will be ready to serve you at your one command. They are used in day to day life and are super intelligent.

5. ChatGPT

This is the final tool which will automate your workflow and data entry process. This is one of the popular tool which has became trendier day by day for performing every small to big task. One can perform task like entering the data, calculations and extracting information within minutes.

Reasons to use a Virtual Assistance

Using a virtual assistant has several benefits. Some benefits are an increase in efficiency, enhanced accuracy, speed improvement, cost-effectiveness, and many more. Virtual assistants are scalable and integrate with any system. These technologies are accessible 24/7 and can be operated remotely. So in short, with the use of these tools and virtual assistance, you can streamline your data entry process and increase your accuracy with efficiency.

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, If you click on these links and make some purchase, We may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support through these links motivates us to create more such contents. Thank you for understanding and feel free to reach out to us with any question. For more details you can read our privacy policy and affiliate disclosure.

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