What is AI on Snapchat: Complete Use of AI in 2024

SNapchat AI

Most of us know about the social media app ‘Snapchat’. Many of us use this social media platform and even if we have not used, we have heard from people using it. The platform famous for its filters and disappearing content has now enhanced its capability by integrating Artificial Intelligence to it. Today we will … Read more

10 AI Tools for Business to Set Up in 2024 (Free & Paid)

top 10 ai tools for business

The world of business is constantly growing and the main cause of the growth is advancement in AI technology. After the introduction of AI and AI tools for business in the market, more businesses came into existence. Due to the AI, the business processes can be streamlined and automated which increases the possibilities of growth … Read more

6 Top Best AI Marketing Tools for Increasing your Market

Tech Priestess AI Marketing Tools

To automate your marketing process we have picked the best AI Marketing Tools that will increase your reach in the digital world with less human efforts. There is a dilemma in every individual’s mind, if AI is launched everyone will be losing their jobs. But the reality is beyond everyone’s thinking. AI is just a … Read more

Upgrade your Writing Prompts Skill in 2024

Prompt Writing Tech Priestess

As the reach of Artificial intelligence is increasing in our daily lives and we are depending on Chatbots, AI assistants, and AI-based tools, it is essential to learn the way to interact with AI. To get better responses and get the desired output one has to learn the way to ask for the output. Whether … Read more

8 Free Fun AI Websites to Color Your Imagination

Fun AI Websites

Artificial Intelligence is the trending and upcoming future of the world. As the countries are working constantly in improving the AI, there are many mini versions of AI tools which are available for the digital nomads like you and me. If you are bored and want to try some exciting then you should try Fun … Read more

Chat GPT 101: Easy Beginner’s Roadmap to Effortless Chats

Chat GPT Tech Priestess

When the world is struggling to understand the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, the Open AI launched the game changer Chat GPT. The tool emerged as a game changer in the world of Artificial Intelligence and unlocked new capabilities of AI. It is a tool which made easy to use the capabilities of AI by offering … Read more

Prompt meaning and engineering in 2024

Tech Priestess

What is a prompt There are multiple meaning of prompts. Prompt meaning depends on the context it has been used. In general a Prompt means a cue or instruction that initiates or guides a specific action or response. In computer science and artificial intelligence, a prompt refers to a symbol usually a message displayed on … Read more

What is Machine Learning: Best tools and Platform in 2024

what is machine learning tech priestess

What is machine learning Machine learning is sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on the development of algorithms and models which helps computer to learn and make predictions or decisions without writing some specialized program. The main idea is to create systems that can automatically identify patterns, make sense of data, and improve their … Read more

Best Programming Language For AI in 2024

Best Programming Language for AI

Looking for the best programming language for AI depends on the need and level of programming a person is doing. If you are a beginner then there are different sets of programming languages that you need to excel. But if a person already has some grasp as a beginner in the journey of AI, then … Read more

9 Free AI Websites for Students and Professionals 2024

Best AI Websites Tech Priestess

There are multiple AI Websites on the internet that it is hard to recognize the best one. We have simplified this task for you and made list of 9 best AI websites especially for students and professionals to automate their task. Firstly, let’s understand the term AI. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which means to … Read more