Smart Kitchen Sink a complete guide in 2024

Smart Kitchen Sink

When we are heading towards a technological advancement either it is our home security or our light bulb, we are customizing our home in a smart home. In the era of smart technology with AI integration, kitchen is no exception. Today we will guide you how you can transform your kitchen into a complete smart … Read more

How to Make Your Home a Smart Home in 2024

Smart Home in 2024

The world is heading its way towards the Artificial Intelligence rapidly. Everyday new technology and tools are being introduced to make our lives super easy. Along with the AI our homes also converting into smart home, which is smart enough to obey the commands of it’s owner. If you are thinking how is it possible … Read more

Smart Surveillance with Yi IoT Camera: Overall Security in 2024

YI IOT Camera

When the world is progressing rapidly and technology is upgrading in every field, home technology has to be up to date with such upgrades. With a high standard of living, keeping your home secure becomes an essential part of life. There are many technological advancements to keep your home secure and safe, one of them … Read more