10 AI Tools for Business to Set Up in 2024 (Free & Paid)

The world of business is constantly growing and the main cause of the growth is advancement in AI technology. After the introduction of AI and AI tools for business in the market, more businesses came into existence. Due to the AI, the business processes can be streamlined and automated which increases the possibilities of growth and productivity of the businesses.

There are so many AI tools available on the internet that deciding the correct tool for the business becomes a cumbersome task. Through this article we will try to guide you how you can pick the right tool for your business. We will also suggest you 10 tools for businesses which will have both free and paid tools in order to start a business and establish it. This article will help you to grow in your existing business also.

What are AI Tools

Before diving into this topic, let us first understand what are AI tools. Tools or software which embeds the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform specific task are AI Tools. These are software which are designed for specific utility task and uses AI algorithms to give the outcome.

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These AI tools for business collect a large amount of data and give outcomes on the basis of that Data. These software help you in making data driven decision and sometimes they themselves suggest you the things which are best for you. These Tools comes in various forms such as browser extension, websites and software packages. These tools help in diverse sectors including Finance, Healthcare, Designing, Marketing and Education.

AI Tools Needed For a Business

If you want to pick AI tools for business, you first need to understand the capability of AI Tools and which Tool sets are best suitable for your Business. Every AI Tool is tailored to fulfill some specific task. There are

1. Automation Tools: These AI tools for business are designed to perform repetitive task without human involvement. These tools increase the productivity and reduce the baggage of repetitive task on the human shoulder. These tools mainly includes:

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  • Chabot: Chatbot are like virtual assistant for a business who assist the customer throughout the business processes.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation): These AI tools for business are mainly used within a business for automating processes like filling data and forms.
  • Marketing Automation: These tools are used to automate and streamline the process of email marketing, social media scheduling and marketing for advertizement purpose.

2. Analytics and Insights Tools: These AI tools collect a huge amount of data and perform analysis on that data which gives valuable business insights for making decisions.

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  • Business Intelligence (BI): Business Intelligence tool makes visually appealing business insights in the form of graphs, Bar charts and Pie charts. Helps in comprehensive analysis of data.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics: These tools are specially tailored for analyzing the data related to customers. This will help in tackling the problems of the customer and will enhance the customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media Analytics Tools: Social media helps a lot in reaching to the correct audience, social media analytics helps in making decision related to product, age group and need of the customer.

3. Content Creation and Design Tools: For marketing purpose of the business, content is the most valuable resource. These AI tools for business automates the process of generating relevant content and designs which serves as a guide for customer.

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  • Graphic design tools: There tools which are available online to make visually appealing designs for content marketing.
  • AI writing assistants: AI writing covers a large content within seconds which helps in growing the business.
  • Video editing tools: These video editing tools helps in transforming videos with the help of AI.

4. Predictive and Forecasting Tools: To grow any business one has to follow the trend and keep themselves up to the date. One must know the current demand of the audience. AI tools help in extracting relevant data and on the basis of that data, it predicts and forecasts the upcoming market trend which enhances the process of decision making.

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  • Sales forecasting tools: These tools help in analyzing the sale related data and forecast the upcoming sales trend.
  • Demand forecasting tools: The tool helps determining the upcoming demand of a particular service or product.

5. Personalization and Recommendation Tools: Most important tool to get one step closer to the right customer.

Top 10 AI Tools To automate Your Business in 2024 7
  • Product recommendation engines: These tools automatically display the product of the choice of the consumer.
  • Content personalization tools: This tool helps in knowing the right content for a particular audience.
  • News personalization platforms: Helps in showing news in personalized format.

List of AI Tools For Business

1. Tools for AI Content Creation:

  • Jasper AI (Paid): It is a paid tool which generates high-quality blog content, social media content, marketing copy, and more. It also offers a variety of templates to its user.
  • Writesonic (Free): The tool creates catchy advertisement copy, product descriptions, and short blog content.

2. Tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • Zoho Zia (Paid): Zoho CRM integrated with Zia which turned into AI tool with powerful insights and automations. It comes in both, free and paid version.
  • HubSpot ChatBot (Free): The free plan of HubSpot allows user for basic chat with customers.

3. Tools for Marketing and Sales:

  • Upmetrics (Paid): The tool Generates a comprehensive business plan in short span of time.
  • Grammarly Business (Paid): The tool by grammarly ensures writing in all your marketing materials with Grammarly’s advanced grammar and style checking.

4. Productivity and Project Management Tools:

  • ClickUp (Free): AI tools for business Boosts team productivity by making to-do lists, reminders, and project tracking. The free plan is enough for small businesses and paid plans offer additional features like custom dashboards and automations.
  • Motion (Paid): With Motion’s AI assistant you get personalized productivity insights and recommendations.

5. Design and Creativity Tools:

  • Dall-E 2 (Paid): The AI tools for business is by Open AI which Creates stunning images from text descriptions with Dall-E 2’s powerful image generation technology.
  • Canva (Free): It is a popular AI tools for business used to design professional-looking social media graphics, presentations, and marketing materials.

By using AI tools for business, you can unlock a world of possibilities. These tools will definitely help you save time, work smarter, and achieve your business goals faster. Don’t limit yourself to these listed tools only, try to explore other tools also and use the one which fits better for your business type.

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