9 Free AI Websites for Students and Professionals 2024

There are multiple AI Websites on the internet that it is hard to recognize the best one. We have simplified this task for you and made list of 9 best AI websites especially for students and professionals to automate their task.

Firstly, let’s understand the term AI. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which means to develop such computer systems or software that are capable of performing task which requires human intelligence. These task includes learning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

We have picked up 9 best AI websites for students and professionals which will help them out in homework, making presentations, writing essays and in coding. Working professional often need to make presentations. These presentation making consumes a lot of time. These AI websites are time saver for such cumbersome tasks.

List of AI Websites in 2024

1. Replit AI

The first AI Website in the list is Replit AI. Replit is an online coding platform for the programmers. Replit provides an online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which allows beginner level programmers to write codes in different programming languages such as Python, Java, C, C++ and many such languages.

Replit launched it’s AI platform known as Replit AI in year 2023.Comes in the list of one of the best AI websites, Replit AI aims to help out developers in the software creation process. Code completion and assistance will be available for all users.

Best AI Websites

Uses of Replit AI

  • Smart Code Writing
  • Replit AI helps you write code more easily and quickly by offering smart suggestions and completion.
  • Improves All Aspects of Code

2. Sendsteps AI Presentation Maker

Sendsteps.ai presentations helps people by offering an option to describe your topic and content ideas which will be automatically converted in attractive presentation within minutes. Users provide a brief description, and Sendsteps.ai transforms it into an engaging and interactive presentation. Best AI websites for making attractive presentations within minutes.


Features of Sendsteps.ai

  • Document Upload Feature
  • AI summarization and presentation generation.
  • Supports Word documents, PowerPoint files, PDFs, and .txt files.

3. 10Web AI

If you are a student or business owner and trying to make your own website then 10web.ai is just for you. 10Web AI makes complete website for absolutely free. This website generates a tailored website using AI as per your need.


4. Scribble Diffusion

Scribble Diffusion is an open-source web app powered by AI. Scribble Diffusion is an open-source website which converts your drawing into AI generated Images.


Features of Scribble Diffusion

  • Transforms hand-drawn sketches into impressive paintings.
  • Free and Safe to Use Website.

5. Codeium

Codeium AI is an AI tool which automates the code for you. This helps developers, coders and programmers to auto complete their codes. It can generate codes based on complex algorithms.


Features of Codeium

  • AI Autocompletion of codes for developers.
  • Users can integrate the power of AI directly in their favorite Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
  • Codeium is accessible for free.

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is a free paraphrase tool which paraphrases your document and text file quickly. Quillbot generates the paraphrased text with the help of AI tools. Quillbot has also features which included Grammar Checker, Plagiarism checker and many other options.


Features of Quillbot

  • Text Summarization
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Rephrasing the paragraph
  • Supports multiple Languages

7. Lexica.art

Lexica.ai is a website to get AI generated images. Here, the user enters the text and description about the image in a prompt and the Website generates some rendered images. One of the best AI websites, even better than Dall e 2 by Open AI.

lexica ai

8. Humata.AI

Humata.ai is a perfect tool for researchers and students who write thesis and research work. Research work requires a lot of precision and patience. Just to minimize your work load and help you out, there is a buddy called Humata.ai.


Features of Humata.ai

  • A user gets instant response of long document thesis.
  • Humata.ai highlights and also includes citations of the document uploaded in the link format.
  • It is a paid website but a user can try it for free for a month.

9. Gemini AI

Gemini AI is an AI tool developed by Google which has features like Chat GPT-4.0 Version which is a paid tool. The Gemini AI has been launched in 2023 and claimed to be most powerful AI tool of the time. You can use Gemini AI for multiple purposes. This is currently one of the best AI websites.

gemini bard

Features of Gemini AI

  • Math Problem Solving
  • Reasoning Abilities
  • Advanced Coding algorithms
  • Audio and Video processing

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